Dombresky adds upbeat groove to Anabel Englund’s ‘Underwater’

The September release of Anabel Englund and MK‘s “Underwater” proved a formidable follow-up to the latter’s remix of Englund’s “So Hot,” issued alongside Nightlapse in mid-July. The dance music community reacted accordingly when Englund and MK formally convened for the single, from the former’s debut album, Messing With Magic. Now, Dombresky, is treating fans to his own embodiment of the track.Starting off with Englund’s enchanting vocals and a synthesized chord progression, the track engages sharp kicks with an upbeat, poolside signature that adds a bit of warmth to this winter season. The velvety intonation of the original seeps into the head-bopping groove of Dombresky’s spin, making it impossible for listeners to stand still. Although more “Underwater” remixes are slated to land on January 8, 2021, Dombresky can be found competently leading the charge until then. Keep an eye out for more, and stream Dombresky’s sensational output below.Featured image: Victor Ciardelli IVTags: , , , , ,
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