DJ S.K.T formalizes Stashed’s 100th release alongside Josh Parkinson, ‘Off My Mind’

Stashed’s habit of harboring house originals with nearly automatic appeal hits a new apex with “Off My Mind,” the imprint’s 100th release, handcrafted by none other than label head DJ S.K.T (Stephen Kenny Tempest) himself. The polished product of Josh Parkinson and S.K.T’s interplay, “Off My Mind” commemorates Stashed’s milestone with a steady percussive pulse. Flirting with a deep house framework without fully lending itself to classification as such, “Off My Mind” melodically toes the line between house and deep house with poise and self-possession. With head-turning appeal audible from the cut’s first few seconds, the celebratory single is a credit to Stashed’s ante-upping culture of high-caliber content. And, with a roster touting tried-and-true talents such as Kyle Kinch and Dillon Nathaniel, it’s apparent that Stashed’s trajectory will continue to trend ever-upward.Featured image: DJ S.K.T/InstagramTags: , , ,
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