Dimension concocts blistering drum ‘n’ bass cut, ‘Hatred’ ahead of forthcoming debut LP

The debut album draws nearer. Dimension has unveiled the second single from his impending full-length project debut. With album details shrouded in mystery much like the artist himself, each track release dropped off by the UK enigma has served to clear the fog of the misty anticipation. Marking the latest piece of the puzzle, Dimension recruits E11E on sinister drum ‘n’ bass cut, “Hatred.”

Preceded by lead single “Savior” which reaps a writing assist from Jem Cooke, the new joint takes a turn for the darker as it showcases an edgier, incisive direction from the electronic producer. With hard-hitting drum programming and eerie tinkles of outlandish synths, “Hatred” cultivates a dire tension that weaves explosively in-and-out of noise chasms as E11E’s magnetic voice accessorizes its soundscape, bathing in wickedness.

“The album is an unadulterated take on the Dimension sound. It is violence, ecstasy, heartbreak and uncompromising energy,” states Dimension.

Featured image: Dimension Official Facebook