Dillon Francis takes on Hot Chip and Jarvis Cocker’s ‘Straight To The Morning’ with delightful new remix

Dillon Francis and Hot Chip doesn’t sound like an obvious combination when it rolls off the tongue, but one listen to the veteran UK synth-pop outfit’s October 2020 single, “Straight To The Morning,” and it’s clear that track is the perfect groundwork for a signature remix from Francis. The original, which finds Hot Chip linked with fellow British icon Jarvis Cocker, is a playful disco-pop anthem that was notably originally written with Dua Lipa in mind around the time of the group’s dance-forward A Bath Full of Ecstasy LP in 2019. And while the original cut packs its own catchy, danceable appeal, it begs for a floor-ready remix and Francis steps in with a perfectly complementary modification. In fact, try listening to Dillon Francis’ take on “Straight To The Morning” just once—it’s nearly impossible. Funky in all the right places, the remix grooves and dips through Francis’ classic pitch-bending vocal chops, reminiscent of his earliest house and moombah cuts. In a statement attached to the release, the IDGAFOS purveyor expresses his love for Hot Chip’s work, stating, “Happy house” certainly encapsulates the charm of Dillon Francis’ Hot Chip remix and it sounds that’s like the direction he’s largely heading in next tear. Count on there being a lot more where this remix came from in 2021. Listen to Dillon Francis’ take on “Straight To The Morning” via Domino below. Featured image: RukesTags: , , , , , , , ,
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