Destructo rounds up Denzel Curry, Kevin Gates, and Yo Gotti on ‘Bandz’

Gary Richards got a whole posse together for this one.

Sidestepping his usual penchant for G-house and more crossover-leaning hybrid cuts, Destructo plants a flag firmly in hip-hop territory for this one, flanked by Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates, and Denzel Curry on “Bandz.” Gotti, who last collaborated with Richards on “Loaded” earlier this year, trades sharp versework with Denzel Curry, while Gates holds down hook duties over Destructo’s slow-burn beat.

Undoubtedly cut for the club, and no stranger to a multi-headed hip-hop collaboration, Destructo lays down a cooling backdrop with his signature rap-influenced production style on “Bandz.” Richards’ latest is available now Parametric Records, a newly established offshoot electronic imprint under Atlantic’s umbrella. Richards is also slated to perform a Destructo set for Beatport’s upcoming 24-hour livestream event amid the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns. Tune in on Friday, March 27 and stream “Bandz” below.