Deniz Koyu converts Alesso’s Eclipse intro into Tomorrowland Music original with Elliphant, ‘Clicks’

One of the single greatest Alesso sets in recent memory had to open up with an ID that had just about everyone on the edge of their set awaiting its release. And while most initially believed Alesso to be the mind behind it, Deniz Koyu wasted no time confirming immediately the Eclipse showing at the Freedom Stage during Tomorrowland’s second weekend that “Clicks” belonged to him. Considering Alesso and Koyu had just met up on “In My Feelings“—their first collaborative release following a pair of co-remixes—it made all the sense in the world that the former presented the latter with the perfect opening to Eclipse. Released as part of Tomorrowland Music‘s ongoing “The Reflection Of Love” festival release series, “Clicks” was born after Koyu was sent a chilling topline from Elliphant that repeats the line “I’m on a mission to create clicks.” And that’s how Koyu described the track’s overarching theme, exercising the vocal in a way that could be a “percussive club banger with a lot of groove and a beat that feels precisely put together, kind of like clockwork.”

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