Deeper Purpose sets ‘Party Diva’ free as debut release on Off The Grid Records

If it’s possible to pinpoint a sole ID from John Summit‘s sets that’s been on everyone’s mind this summer, there’s a more than likely chance it’s courtesy of Deeper Purpose. Wind the clock back to just a few days into the season when Summit made his way to Rothbury, where an Electric Forest crowd was introduced to a track that was going to load his Twitter mentions with calls for the track ID at the 13-minute mark of his set. And exactly three months later, Deeper Purpose is fittingly closing out the summer with the track that started it all, delivering “Party Diva” on Summit’s newly minted Off The Grid Records.“Party Diva” comes as just the third solo signing for the blooming label—who just sent out a six-sided compilation earlier this September—following Volaris‘ “Slow Motion” and also “In Chicago” from Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Breakout Artist of the Year. And it upholds Off The Grid Records’ faultless slate since its May inception, with Deeper Purpose reaching lucky number seven on his 2022 release schedule. As Deeper Purpose put it himself, “Party Diva” is “the one you’ve all been asking for” and for very good reason, with a vocal that will have anyone subconsciously repeating at all hours of the day sitting on top of a bedrock of high-class tech-house that pulls together all the makings of a literal party anthem.Featured image: Tyler RittenhouseTags: ,
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