Deepend delights with acoustically infused remix of Chef’Special’s ‘Afraid of the Dark’

Deepend once again runs the melodic-house gamut, putting his delicate electronic touch on Chef’Special’s latest summer hit, “Afraid of the Dark.”While they’re yet to make sizeable waves stateside, Chef’Special is truly one of The Netherlands‘ finest homegrown talents. The five-piece instrumental outfit has made a name for itself over the years with its funk-infused indie-pop sound, selling out Amsterdam’s 15,000=capacity Ziggo Dome and recently touring with the genre-defining Twenty One Pilots. With airy and often uplifting hits like “Amigo,” “In Your Arms,” and “Nicotine,” their playful sound makes for the perfect foundation for an electronic spin.Now, their latest single “Afraid of the Dark” gets twisted for the electronic airwaves by none other than fellow Dutch trendsetter, Deepend. Although it’s common for remixes of standout singles to suffer from there simply being too many cooks in the kitchen, that couldn’t be further from the truth with Deepend’s groovy rendition. The new remix gives Chef’Special’s original room to breathe while still extending a dance floor-ready makeover with touches like slap-house-inspired bass. Find Deepend’s remix of Chef’Special’s “Afraid of the Dark” out via Spinnin’ Records now. Tags: , , ,
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