Death From Above 1979 lace punk with electronic on ‘Is 4 Lovers’

With the release of their latest album, Is 4 Lovers, Death From Above 1979 treat listeners to a seamless blend of electronic music and punk rock. From punk-based sounds filled with rapid guitars and angsty high energy to more electronic sounds that urge listeners to dance, Is 4 Lovers highlights how various genres can be mixed together in order to create a unique sound.“One + One” had been inspired by Sebastien Grainger’s wife’s pregnancy, and acts as the karmic sequel to the band’s 2004 track, “Romantic Rights.” “NYC Power Elite Part I” pokes at wealthy New Yorkers, highlighting those who pose as starving artists while affording “helicopter brunches.” Certain tracks, such as “Glass Homes,” have more of a focus on the band’s electronic sounds, while tracks like “Mean Streets” bring a harder punk edge. Stream Is 4 Lovers in its genre-fluent full form below.Featured image: David LeveneTags: , , ,
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