David Guetta and MORTEN up the collaborative ante with ‘future rave’ remake of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’

In mid-July, David Guetta and MORTEN threw a New Rave, and the party hasn’t stopped since. “We are not trying to be on the radio with this, or make pop music with electronic…we are just making rave music that is sexy,” Guetta told Dancing Astronaut at the time. In a year full of variables, this has remained a constant, what with Guetta and MORTEN’s “future rave” freewheeling now furnishing “Dreams.” The duo’s November dance floor-dismantler “Save My Life” was a tall order for any follow-up to answer, but as the new decade continues to render clear, Guetta and MORTEN’s only competition is themselves—and they’ve not proven unfit for any such challenge yet. Their latest sees them upping the ante yet again, this time on “Dreams,” a cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic that sees the production pair go back to 1977 to then go forward.As to be expected with Guetta and MORTEN’s names on the credits, this isn’t your mother’s version of “Dreams.” Finding a vocal substitute for Stevie Nicks in the form of Lanie Gardner, Guetta and MORTEN flip the table on the revered Rumours tracklisting, priming their remake with a technicolor charge that recommends it for play out in the rave circuit. As for when that will happen? It’s only a matter of time. Featured image: RukesTags: , , , , ,
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