Cruella Vs Minaj

Like Nicki Minaj, Cruella De Vil will always get what she wants. Her signature black and white curls landed on Nicki’s head in the super sexy video “Lil Freak” with Usher but Emma Stone brings that wig to life. Emma underwent quite the transformation for the role in Disney’s prequel to 101 Dalmatians. Although it took Cruella befriending two thieves to carry out her plans of fashion domination, Nicki had Lil Wayne and Cash Money paving the way. Two women from different ponds that pull off a pretty great English accent manage to light up the screen and suck us into their story. Together they share the spirit of Glenn Close, who is their obvious inspiration while rocking those tresses. Close brilliantly portrayed De Vil in the 1996 adaption and serves as Cruella’s executive producer.

“After this grand performance set take place in May, Emma has recently announced being pregnant with her first child. Like the Queen from Queens stepped away to be a mom herself, we can’t help but be impacted by the similarities. Make Sure to Check out Cruella da Vil in theaters May 28, 2021