Crooked Colours are just enjoying the ride—duo dive into ‘Tomorrows’ tour, artistic origins after headlining The Fonda [Q+A]

On Saturday, October 22, Crooked Colours’ Phil Slabber and Liam Merrett-Park graced the stage at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theater for an electrifying performance in support of the group’s third studio album, Tomorrows. The September LP marks the Australian indie-electronic duo’s debut project under Atlantic Records; it consists of 13 infectious live-oriented recordings that have collectively amassed north of 30 million streams on Spotify alone. Upon completing a mesmerizing performance at The Fonda, chock-full of new selects from the album, reliable crowd favorites, and even an on-stage marriage proposal led by a friend of the artists, Crooked Colours sat down with Dancing Astronaut to unwind over a conversation about the group’s more humble beginnings and just how far they’ve come up to their current tour run in support of Tomorrows. Read the DA-exclusive below.Your popularity has been skyrocketing in the US over the last couple of years. How does Crooked Colours define your lives at this point in time?

Tomorrows just landed in September. How long had the album been in the works?Evident by tonight’s performance, fans’ live reception of the album seems outstanding. How have your other shows compared to playing The Fonda?Liam, could you touch on your drumming career? At what age did you start?Crooked Colours formed in 2013. Who coined the name of the group?Your tour itinerary includes shows in Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. What excites you most about the Pacific Northwest?You two crushed your 2020 remix of Don Toliver’s ‘No Idea.’ Are you solely focused on writing original material these days, or can fans expect some more DJ-centric reworks in the future?If you could collaborate with any artist at this point in time, who would it be?Featured image: Jared TinettiTags: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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