Crankdat and void (0) get it ‘Poppin’

Don’t expect any musical mercy when Crankdat and void (0) convene. This, they assert with “Poppin.” In true Crankdat and void (0) fashion, “Poppin” is an unabashedly heavy dubstep endeavor.

Outfitted with sharp, stabbing synths that add a jagged texture to the booming bass that permeates the sweat-inducing number, “Poppin” has evidently been engineered for the most raucous of festival crowds. When the health concerns give way to clustered event grounds, “Poppin” is poised to be a jaunty live set inclusion that both Crankdat and void (0) can be expected to deploy, to both listeners’ desire and expectation. The sonic plot thickens with a VIP mix of the original, doubling the volume-rising power of “Poppin.”

Featured image: Mike Kirschbaum