Colin Brittain Creates Another Hit: De’Wayne Jackson’s “Me Vs You”

De’Wayne Jackson has released a new album titled Stains, and fans are swooning over each and every track. From the track “National Anthem” to the namesake track “Stains,” the artist is making waves any which way he turns.

With a collection of tracks as resonating as this, you surely know that Colin Brittain is involved. Brittain collaborated with the hip-hop recording artist on the last track of the album titled “Me Vs You.”

The footage is shot in a raw and organic fashion that will put the audience right in the zone. From room shots to pool scenes, the music video is creating all the buzz necessary to hype the track. As the lyrics take you on a trip of discovery, the tunes will set you on board for a romantic getaway. With only two individuals playing their roles throughout the clip—one of them being Jackson himself—the video is a natural take on an already sought-out topic.

A fresh and emotional take on the track, Brittain truly puts his artistic mastery on display for the world to see.