Chris Reardon Shares Aesthetically Flawless Vision On New Single “Elephant In The Room”

Contemporary alternative rock hasn’t felt as good as it should in a long time, and it seems like Chris Reardon was inspired by the lack of a pure alt-rock sound when putting together his new single, “Elephant In The Room”. The UK based emerging singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist has produced, written, composed, mixed and mastered “Elephant In The Room”, and translated his vision from beginning to end on his own, at his home studio in London. 

Complementing the astonishing tonalities of the instruments and the overall soundtrack with blissful vocals, Reardon is confidently and consistently proving the merit of his unique approach towards recording powerhouse alternative rock, never straining for effect but always bringing an aesthetically flawless vision of free-expression in the art he makes.