Cheyenne Giles reconnects with Musical Freedom to supply the ‘Heat’ alongside Gamuel Sori

Those with a minimal grasp on Cheyenne Giles have come to the right place to learn more about Dancing Astronaut’s 5 Under 15k selection from 2019, who has gone over and above to ratify his early distinction. This remains the case for the San Diego wunderkind, as he now reconnects with Musical Freedom to further his stay at Tiësto’s quarters. Partnering up beside label peer Gamuel Sori, Giles complements his incoming House Caviar edit bundle with the delivery of “Heat.” It’s always a welcome convenience when the track’s title predicts what listeners can expect before they even hit “play,” and “Heat” is a prime specimen. “Heat” carves out its own house bracket of sorts, with Giles conjoining his exemplary kinetic builds with Sori’s subdued deep house for a half-and-half blend that makes for the best of both worlds.Featured image: Cheyenne GilesTags: , , , ,
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