Channel Tres makes first entry in 2020 with a new label, video, and single ‘Weedman’ [Stream]

2020 isn’t getting Channel Tres down. Right now, he’s on a roll.

The Compton-born rap-dance unifier is coasting higher this year, dropping his first new single of 2020, “Weedman,” on his brand new label, Art For Their Good, with a brand new video to boot.

Coming from Los Angeles, Channel Tres—real name Sheldon Young—grew up with a soundtrack of Afroman, Tupac, and other rap legends who presented daily struggles in a fashion that is equally entertaining and relatable. On “Weedman,” Young tries his own hand at this delicate balance and comes through in fine style.

Honing his own unique sound and pairing with a classic G-funk aesthetic, Young sonically paints the picture of the exact satirical procedure of scoring some weed in a time before marijuana dispensaries and other such luxuries. Visually, Young collaborated once again with Anthony Sylvester for a video that is an ode to old-school LA. It is in this exact setting and through this lens stoners of a previous era see their past.