Carl Cox tells all in new BBC documentary, ‘Carl Cox: Music and Motorbikes’

Carl Cox is the self-proclaimed “gate-keeper” of dance music. After years of DJing acid-house and dance music at illegal raves and hundreds of clubs internationally for five decades, the esteemed producer is still committed to his music career, and to his lifelong passion turned professional hobby: motorbikes.

Presented by the BBC‘s Rick Faragher, Carl Cox: Music and Motorbikes hones in on Cox’s obsession with motorbikes, camaraderie within the realm of motorsports, and how it translates to the main stage, not to mention his career in music. Cox delineates his lifelong passion for bikes, what led him to establish his very own motorsport team in 2013, and competing professionally in races, including the Ulster Grand Prix, North West 200, and the Isle of Man TT.

The half-hour documentary includes exclusive sound bites from Cox, who speaks on his musical legacy and the unconditional love he has for speed, racing, and fellow motorbike enthusiast and friend, The Prodigy‘s frontman, Keith Flint. “There’s always an element of danger when you’re riding a motorbike and I think some people like that—riding on the err of danger. For me, I’ve always felt that the energy of [The Prodigy’s music] and Keith, it all just makes sense for me on the track. The power of the engines starting, and whisking past you… the energy of it all—it’s just such a high level,” Cox said, citing Flint’s music as his favorite to listen to when racing down the speedway.

The documentary, released on April 18, is available to stream for free here until May 16.

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