Brooks enters future bass terrain on spin of Illenium and Tom DeLonge’s ‘Paper Thin’

Illenium has been getting full mileage out of his Tom DeLonge collaboration, and for good cause. Illenium’s pop-punk meets melodic dubstep composite has set out on a remix crusade since its October issuance, and after tapping LUM!X for the maiden “Paper Thin” reimagining, Illenium is calling Brooks up to the plate to provide his own adaptation.Brooks has been extensively hailed for his imaginative future house tactics, but he’s shifting course this time around, unexpectedly swapping out future house for his own account of future bass. Brooks’ “Paper Thin” revision soundly preserves Illenium and Tom DeLonge’s original alternative halo while concurrently subbing in elements of the Dutchman’s familiar tone and “trying something new,” as Brooks himself describes it.Featured image: Stef HabrakenTags: , , ,
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