BROHUG call for their own encore with take on Courtney Paige Nelson’s ‘Saved Myself’

A 2020 year in review report would find “expect the unexpected” an appropriate adage for BROHUG‘s activity in recent months. Rewind back to January, and it’s doubtful that even listeners most literate in BROHOUSE would have anticipated the Swedish trio to spend the new decade building a 29-release case for their bass house supremacy. Few would also have forecasted the triumvirate’s decision to double down on releases from November 27–28, but the element of surprise has proven to be part of BROHUG’s charm. Such was the case on November 28, at least, when Christopher Lunde, John Dahlbäck, and Niklas Lunde called for their own encore with a remix of Courtney Paige Nelson’s “Saved Myself.” An answer to November 27’s “Lost Cowboys” issued exactly 24 hours thereafter, the “Saved Myself” spin constitutes BROHUG’s sophomore rework of the decade as it concurrently closes said case. The verdict? European house unequivocally belongs to BROHUG.Featured image: Merc PhotographyTags: , ,
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