Boys Noize turns analog Twitch streams into new surprise album

“Three days ago I didn’t know I was going to release an album today,” Boys Noize wrote on Twitter. This weekend, to celebrate Bandcamp’s second fee-waiving weekend supporting artists, Boys Noize uploaded a brand new album to the platform. All seven tracks on STRICTLY BVNKER VOL. 1 – The Lockdown Sessions are available exclusively on Bandcamp.

The album was recorded live during Boys Noize’s Twitch streams through the end of April. The analog sessions produced an album full of dark industrial tracks, ranging from the grainy techno melody of “DIFɅM” to the droning energy of “Chøker.” STRICTLY BVNKER VOL. 1 also features a lighthearted outlier, “Früh Gymnastik,” which sees Boys Noize take on a playful retro sample.

Featured Image: Shane McCauley