“Bloodsweat” By Vallyre Makes Pop Exciting Again

In an age when it seems like pop delivered everything it had, a new artist Vallyre from Boston comes to prove the genre can still sound fresh and exciting. The talented singer-songwriter recently dropped a new song titled “Bloodsweat,” which demonstrates the artist’s sonic vision of pop’s future. The release is energetic and motivating. It definitely goes beyond the borders of traditional pop sounds. The lyricism is quite native to pop. It is catchy, easy to remember, and simple. Yet Vallyre was able to pass depth through the simplicity of her songwriting. It is hard to get “Bloodsweat” out of your mind once you hear the beautiful verses where the artist sings “bloodsweat” repeatedly in different timbres. The atmosphere she creates with her intriguing soundscape is truly magical. 

Vallyre’s dedication and devotion to this piece of work are exciting and motivating. She self-produced a 44-second music video for “Bloodsweat,” where she perfectly demonstrates her dancing and acting abilities. She’s an artist you’ll be looking keep on your radar after you hear “Bloodsweat.”