Blinders resumes STMPD RCRDS record on frenetic original, ‘Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)’

Blinders was waiting for the right moment to strike again and that time has come. After taking the majority of the year to himself following his last release round in March, the STMPD RCRDS mainstay returned to social media earlier in November to do what’s proven to be an effective tactic in making the most noise without actually uttering a single word: wiping his Instagram. While it’s not entirely known at the time of writing whether or not there’s something up Blinders’ sleeve in terms of a larger project, he’s giving the first sonic taste of what he’s been cooking throughout the last eight-plus months with “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good).”Eight months feel more like an eternity in dance music time, but the Polish talent instantaneously made it all worthwhile with just his first comeback original. “Pressure (Wanna Feel Good)” is admittedly a leap towards a newfound direction of house for Blinders, but one not far enough that it couldn’t be blindly pointed it out in a Martin Garrix set in the new year. Paired with a feverish visual that Blinders himself is behind—which leaves off alluding to another chapter—”Pressure (Wanna Feel Good” builds on the present-day evolution of his proven, high-powered drive yet again, resulting in what can only be branded as one of his darkest, most imaginative releases to date.Featured image: Blinders/FacebookTags: ,
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