Bleu Clair’s return to Insomniac Records is anything but a ‘Mistake’

Three months into 2022 and Bleu Clair has now delivered back-to-back-to-back releases that only provide further explanation as to why he’s considered one of house music’s breakout names and why he was highlighted amongst Dancing Astronaut‘s Artist to Watch in 2021. After opening his year with a take on Smokin Beats and Lyn Eden as well as an unexpected Realm Records label debut, Bleu Clair has now taken his Indonesian-bred talents back to Insomniac Records for “Mistake.”“Mistake” couldn’t be farther removed removed from its title, and although he unfortunately won’t be in attendance himself, Bleu Clair is adding a last-minute house weapon into artists’ tracklist rotation ahead of Miami Music Week and Ultra. And not only is “Mistake” Miami-ready, but Bleu Clair’s latest has summer house written all over it as he taps into his more temperature, tranquilizing tech-house climate as the calendar continues to approach his North American return this coming April.Featured image: Steven GarciaTags: ,
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