Blac Chyna Talks Turn-Ons & Offs, Kardashians, Tyga, Spiritual Journey & More | Caresha Please


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In this episode of #CareshaPlease, our host #YungMiami aka Caresha sits down with the iconic #BlacChyna to discuss her recent cosmetic procedures, graduation from Bible College, and upcoming role in a live play of B.A.P.S. Blac Chyna opens up about her spiritual journey, and eliminating negative influences. She also talks about the challenges of being a public figure and protecting her children from negativity. Chyna discusses her co-parenting relationship with her ex-partners Tyga and Rob Kardashian, and prioritizing their child. Blac Chyna also shares her past relationships and the importance of building a friendship before getting serious. We also play “this or that”, including preferences in sexual activities. Blac Chyna discusses her experiences with men trying to trap her, birth control, and her past as a stripper. Don’t miss this episode of Caresha Please!!