Big Wild asks ‘Who Do You Believe’ in new video [Q&A]

Following up his 2020 summertime anthem “Touch,” Big Wild returns, this time with a statement to make. His new single “Who Do You Believe” touches on our worsening divisiveness caused by mass media, false narratives, and misinformation. The video features Jackson Stell (a.k.a. Big Wild) as a media manipulator firmly in control until the screen drops away. The director, Erin Galey, shares her thoughts on the video:The track itself is a skillful blend of psychedelic rock and electronic music with piercing vocals arriving at its climax. His multi-faceted skillset is well documented, but “Who Do You Believe” is certainly a resume booster, even for him. Surrounding the release of his new single, Dancing Astronaut caught up with Big Wild to discuss the inspiration for the track, blend of psychedelic and electronic, and how to navigate the modern media landscape. You make a clear statement on the divisiveness of modern media throughout your new video. You even made it a point for the video to end with “welcome to the world of technology,” what do you hope people take away from the video?“Who Do You Believe” prominently features psychedelic influence throughout, what do you think is the overlap between psychedelic rock and electronic music?Your video for “Who Do You Believe” features some striking imagery on a very personal level, as well as a huge cathartic tone shift when the screen drops away. What inspired you to make such a charged video and track right now?The current media landscape is rife with issues, yet many of us are relying more and more on it to connect with one another as people remaining staying home to stay safe. How do you reconcile the consequences, positive and negative, of our increased reliance on screens to communicate with each other?Do you have any tips for people as they try to navigate our digital age?Do you have any closing thoughts?Featured image: “Who Do You Believe” Official VideoTags: , , , ,
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