Bicep enlist Clara La San for ‘Saku’ ahead of forthcoming LP, ‘Isles’

Bicep gear up for their impending sophomore album Isles, dispatching the third single from the project. Entitled “Saku,” the new cut features Clara La San on the hybrid production. Carrying IDM and footwork influences, the garage track adds another dynamic nuance to Bicep’s melancholic undertones as it joins “Apricots” and “Atlas” as the third piece of the Bicep successor. The most vocal-centric of the existing Isles singles, “Saku” immerses in a world of rhythmic eccentricities as it traverses breakbeats and embraces syncopated percussions. Dusky drum lines draw the contrasting foundation for idyllic synth pads, the combination of which act as the introspective backdrop for wispy vocals. Bicep further manipulate isolations of individual elements, with kicks, hi-hats, and bass digested in unconventional variations. Isles will arrive on January 22, 2021. Stream “Saku” below. Featured image: Dan MedhurstTags: , , , , ,
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