Ben Böhmer drops Cercle set intro ID ‘Beyond Beliefs’

Of the innumerous livestreamed performances from 2020, perhaps none were more spectacular than Ben Böhmer‘s DJ set delivered high in a hot air balloon. Filmed over Turkey’s gorgeous Cappadocia Park, the breath-taking set has now racked up over 13 million views, quickly becoming one of Cercle‘s most popular performances. Böhmer began his set with the debut of a fresh ID, a delicate melodic house track we now know is titled “Beyond Beliefs.” On social media, Böhmer described the meaning behind the title: “Beyond Beliefs” is the first single from Ben Böhmer’s upcoming album Begin Again, releasing September 24. Böhmer’s sophomore album arrives via Anjunadeep, the same imprint that housed his 2019 debut album Breathing. Again, the German producer took to social media to share inspirations behind the LP: Stream “Beyond Beliefs” below, or revisit Böhmer’s Cercle performance here. Featured image: Cercle/InstagramTags: , , , ,
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