Autumn In June releases sophomore album ‘I Don’t Like You When I’m Sober’

Show of hands; who hasn’t been in a relationship completely centered around partying and shows? It’s sort of a right of passage for anyone in the scene. But when party stops, the haze of the neon lights fades and the serotonin disappears is the relationship based in anything real? Not according to Autumn In June and his three-part Sophomore album “I Don’t Like You When I’m Sober.” Following his equally heartfelt “Pretty Melancholia” and “Cherry,” the LA producer whips up atmospheric bedroom pop musings with a sort of synth-pop catharsis that is uniquely his own. Threading the needle between sad songs and feel good instrumentals the entire album ebbs and flows with energy and intent. The LP’s stand out and opening track “Cute Veins” is also Autumn In June’s most cinematic cut. The rest of the album’s 10 tracks are a sonic exploration of smooth vocals, hazy atmospherics, and melodic synths paired with organic instrumentation. Mellow, moody, and a delightfully easy listen “I Don’t Like You When I’m Sober” is not quite “EDM.” But no worries, this dreamy bedroom pop album is a mellow morning listen before you turn up the volume and the BPMs.Categories: © 2021 Copyright Dancing Astronaut LLC. Built By: A Digital Kingdom.