Audien turns in ID from Progressive House Never Died tour, ‘Drifting Away’ with Joe Jury

Audien is pushing forward on his mission to reaffirm that progressive house never died with his latest original, “Drifting Away” with Joe Jury. The track had been a staple on his Progressive House Never Died tour that recently wrapped up and included a sold-out stop at the Hollywood Palladium, which marked Audien’s biggest headlining show thus far and one he calls his “favorite show to date.”Those who were fortunate enough to catch Audien at any of his 12 Progressive House Never Died tour dates quickly learned that “Drifting Away” works just as well in the club as it does listening to it from home. And as Audien put it himself, he explained that “[he’s] happy to put it out right at the end of the tour after testing it out during those shows. The reaction was always so good.” The Armada-backed release sounds and feels like vintage Audien, and that’s by design. In an exclusive sitdown with Dancing Astronaut, Audien stated that “throughout the tour, [he] was playing a lot of my old stuff that kind of made [him] want to make something new in that style. ‘Wish It Was You‘ [Audien’s final 2021 single] was really, really well received, especially while on tour. I kind of took note of that and I took those vibes and blended it with some of my older stuff like ‘Circles‘ and just made a kind of a mix of the two.” And as to the inspiration behind “Drifting Away,” Audien perfectly summed it up in one sentence by saying that he “wanted to make a big, progressive banger.”The topline—delivered by Joe Jury—flawlessly matches the energy and the nostalgic feel surrounding “Drifting Away,” which “had a different top line on it when [he] started [and] although it sounded really good, this other one ‘Drifting Away’ was perfect for it.” He says he found Jury “through Armada actually. [He’d] never spoken to or met Joe and that’s just a sign of the times.”Audien’s stumbling upon Joe Jury as the perfect fit for his latest single is not only a sign of the times, but likely more common than people think, with him explaining that “[he] used to think it needed to be some crazy story. Like, oh, we met in a famous studio right after climbing Mount Everest. It’s like, no, it doesn’t have to be like that. [He] finished an instrumental that [He] loved on the tour and [Jury] sang a top line on it and it was awesome.” He even goes so far as to call working with Jury “a blessing” before adding that he “didn’t have to do much when I got the top line. It was already done. [Jury] wrote it and sang it and whatever he did to the vocals was really good. It was a layup.”While “Drifting Away” might be more akin to a Kobe-to-Shaq alley-oop than a layup, find out why by streaming Audien’s next progressive house classic with Joe Jury below.Featured image: RukesTags: , , , , , ,
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