As the world begins to open up, Israel’s music community is proud to welcome back DGTL TEL AVIV !

DGTL is a global electronic music festival with editions in Amsterdam, Santiago (Chile), São Paulo (Brazil), Barcelona & Madrid (Spain), Tel Aviv (Israel), Bangalore (India) and during the Amsterdam Dance Event. Besides the focus on music, the organisation brings a mix of unique art installations and revolutionary sustainability projects. Their sustainability program distinguishes them within the festival landscape. For the full line-up and more information please visit

As the world begins to open up, Israel’s music community is proud to welcome back global festival giant DGTL for the country’s most successful electronic festival, DGTL TEL AVIV. Tickets for the hotly anticipated September 21st event will be launched on Tuesday May 11th.

Returning to Israel for its fourth edition in five years, the grandiose, 4-stage affair will once again take place in the heart of Ganei Yehoshua Park, with the first wave of line-up due for imminent release. The team behind DGTL TEL AVIV have spent hours curating a world class collection of artists that promises to celebrate the very best of local and international talent in front of a crowd of 20,000 music lovers from across Israel.

DGTL TEL AVIV will also showcase innovative local art programs and jaw-dropping levels of light and sound production from local pioneers Future Memory. Since its birth in 2018 the event, in collaboration with the Tel Aviv Yaffo city council, has received warm appreciation from both music lovers and national and international media. Joining an elite list of cities to host DGTL events – Amsterdam, Bengaluru, Santiago, São Paulo, Barcelona and Madrid – DGTL TEL AVIV has fast become the sparking jewel in Tel Aviv’s glittering nightlife crown.

DGTL TEL AVIV will also embrace the festival brand’s internationally renowned, award-winning reputation for producing fully circular, sustainable large scale events that have minimal impact on the planet. Over the last nine years, DGTL has refined and honed an incredibly ambitious climate-conscious plan to become fully circular in as many areas as possible. With Covid preventing them from presenting the 2020 Amsterdam edition, which would have been the world’s first circular dance festival, it’s clear the team behind DGTL are now actively pushing for the wider world to take notes and put into practice their findings – including the 2021 Tel Aviv edition. DGTL TEL AVIV will keep the focus firmly on DGTL’s five sustainability pillars: food, energy, resources, mobility and water. In line with its ambitious plan to follow in DGTL Amsterdam’s circular footsteps, DGTL TEL AVIV will – among many other elements – offer a plant-based food menu, a cashless environment and work with a hardcup system.

DGTL’s ambitious goal to launch a new era in circular sustainability for the music event industry and beyond is perfectly captured in an inspirational, David Attenborough-esque video. A thorough insight into what they term ‘A New Cycle’, the video encapsulates not just the sense of infinity the current climate conversation highlights but also a sense of hope for the future, of our ability to do something to change the course of events. DGTL sees that change coming not just from their events, Tel Aviv and beyond, but from thousands of separate events around the world.


Ticket sales will open May 11th starting at 220 NIS


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