ARTBAT’s ‘Generation’ headlines ‘Selected M22’ compilation

The Ukrainian duo ARTBAT has been at the top of the deep-progressive house genre for quite some time. With long builds and heavy progressive synthwork, ARTBAT’s music can only be described as the most soothing house music to one’s ears. Out now via ARTBAT’s own Upperground imprint, the Ukrainian artists have shared Selected M22, a four-song compilation from a group of equally esteemed progressive house producers.The leading track of Selected M22 is “Generation,” a seven-minute ensemble of deep melodies, progressive synths, and entrancing kick drums. Other tracks on the compilation include Woo York‘s “Like a Phoenix,” Stephan Jolk‘s “Blossom,” and Noissier‘s “Stay Close.” Each track has a resonant emotional impact and takes the listener on a journey through progressive sounds. Stream “Generation” below.Featured image: ARTBAT/ FacebookTags: , , , , ,
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