ARMNHMR, Maazel, and Zack Gray get angsty on ‘Everybody Feels’

Following an enthralling Adventure Club collaboration, ARMNHMR present their second single of the calendar year, “Everybody Feels.” Co-produced by French producer Maazel, “Everybody Feels” is an emotive stunner. Aided by Zack Gray‘s gripping vocals, the single perfectly encapsulates the duo’s signature sound in a way that complements their collaborators. Gray is no stranger to toplining electronic productions, and Monstercat-signed Maazel is a seasoned producer who’s gearing up to perform at Lollapalooza Paris 2022; thus “Everybody Feels” demonstrates a promising trajectory. In a Tweet, ARMNHMR wrote, “[Everybody Feels] is such a raw and emotional song with a lot of angst and pain. We really needed to get this one out.”ARMMHMR are scheduled to take the stage at the Hollywood Palladium on July 30, 2021. The show, called “Infinite Skies”, is an Insomniac event and will stand as the duo’s largest outing to date. Buy tickets here, and stream “Everybody Feels,” via DIM MAK Records below.Featured image: RukesTags: , , ,
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