Argy releases masterpiece ‘The Interior Journey’ LP on Renaissance !

You could never accuse Argy of standing still musically. There are few artists with a discography that runs so prestigiously far and wide: Cocoon, Cadenza, Poker Flat, Desolat, Crosstown, Permanent Vacation, Defected and Diynamic are just some labels Argy has appeared on.

This diverse support hasn’t come about by accident, it’s born out of unique style and fearless approach to taking risks as he happily explains, “I am always going to take risks and remain on an eclectic, less obvious path, which is why no genre has ever claimed me. At the heart of it though is a deep appreciation for those tracks that possess that magic, enduring, timeless ingredient. House music, in the very traditional sense, is always at the heart of my productions.”

With ‘The Interior Journey’, his new 9 track LP, Argy continues this highly creative, ever-evolving ethos that’s underpinned by a love of house; it pulls off that deft, elusive trick of paying homage to the formative years of clubbing without losing any of its contemporary edge and, as if that weren’t enough, does so across a number of genres. Whether its echoes of Detroit in ‘Psychedelic Revival’‘A Course In Miracles’ Kraftwerk-esque influence; the Balearic love-letter that is ‘Ab Aeterno’ or the infectious groove of debut-single smash ‘Ketuvim’, which sounds like the best of New York hard and soul and Italy’s legendary UMM all wrapped into one, this is a body of work few could have produced and is a testament to Argy’s approach.

“I called the album ‘The Interior Journey’ because it was created during an inner- transformation during lockdown, it’s the soundtrack of a personal renaissance. I’ve released many albums in the past, but this really felt like I was making my first album for the second time.”

You can stream or download the LP here:

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