Apparently Billie Eilish Loves Dubstep—And Skrillex

Have you ever wondered what a dubstep song from Billie Eilish would sound like? Neither have we.

But it's now top-of-mind thanks to a new interview with The New Yorker, who chatted with Eilish and her brother FINNEAS, a prolific music producer and the mastermind behind the vast majority of her recordings.

The Grammy-winning siblings recently took the virtual stage at the The New Yorker Festival, which featured discussions and performances by some of the most prominent names in music, literature, politics, film, art, and pop culture. And of all the things to analyze at such a prestigious summit, Eilish and FINNEAS chose dubstep. 

Eilish is apparently a fan of Skrillex and his old-school sound, which longtime diehards have been clamoring for as he continues to produce pop-oriented records. "I love dubstep," she proclaimed after having a good laugh at one of Skrillex's most infamous samples, the "Call 911 now!" vocal from "Equinox (First Of The Year)."

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"There's never been a cooler music video than that one," Eilish added. A decade later, it's clear the video was ahead of its time. Dive back into Skrillex's timeless 2011 dubstep hit below.