ANoyd – “Happyness”

Taking a break from his weekly #FreestyleFriday series on YouTube, CT’s ANoyd unloads a new original track titled “Happyness.” The follow up to earlier releases “Bam Bam Bigelow,” and “Dolphin,” finds the talented triple threat reminding critics and fans alike what truly matters in life. Produced by Grammy-nominated instrumentalist Broadway Williams, the Audio BRGNDI frontman proudly raps “all the money in the world couldn’t buy you a thing, but your smile going to give you everything that you need.” [Photo Credit: @btscheekss]

““What if we lived inside a world where you have to smile to stay alive?” Happyness is a record about “smiles” and true happiness being used as currency. So in this alternate world I created the sad and miserable people are broke and the happy people are the rich. The phrase ‘money buys happiness’ is flipped on its head and positivity reigns supreme,” say’s the EightyHD recording artist about why he created the song.