Amon Tobin returns as Two Fingers with anthemic glitch-hop single, ‘Seesayer’

Many artists will release under a new moniker when they feel that their creative edge starts to push the experimental boundaries of their accepted sound and alias. Brazillian musician Amon Tobin seems to flip this script, however, using his Two Fingers pseudonym as an outlet for the bass-driven ideas that land just a bit too close to the realm of conventional for his main line of releases. Two Fingers’ latest release “Seesayer” exemplifies this approach, fuzing a headrocking glitch-hop beat with a raw and melodic sound palate, all without sacrificing an ounce of Tobin’s second-to-none production wizardry. Ideal for anything from the club to a sci-fi soundtrack, “Seesayer” may be brought to life by its melodies, but finds its power among Two Fingers’ consistently crisp and explosive percussion.“Seesayer” is the first release of 2021 on Nomark Records. Stream the track in all of its crunchy, bassy glory below.Featured image: Gaëtan TracquiTags: , , ,
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