Alison Wonderland taps into her dark side on ‘Tiger King’-inspired ‘WWCBD?’

As we dive deeper into social isolation. the internet is collectively taking part in a digital book club. Netflix’s Tiger King docuseries has reigned supreme of late—with one of its exotic subjects serves as the inspiration for Alison Wonderland’s new collaboration with phem, “WWCBD?”

“WWCBD?”—short for “What Would Carole Baskin Do?”—masquerades as a lighthearted track before diving into a dark trap tune led by phem’s haunting lyrics. The provocative lyrics of the track suggests an unfortunate ending for the protagonist’s love is spared due to restrictions created by COVID-19.

While “WWCBD?” is most likely not going to be Grammy-nominated next year, the duo’s collaboration is nonetheless impressive for being crafted remotely in only two days.

Photo credit: Chris Stack