ALEPH announces second album with atmospheric & stirring single ‘GRADIENT’!

Following up from 2021’s critically acclaimed EGO DEATH, electronic music supremo ALEPH is back with another masterclass with his sophomore album SEPULCHRE (Released 21st July).

The first single, GRADIENT, out nowon VISION, offers a headfirst dive into SEPULCHRE, appealing to both existing fans desperately in need of another ALEPH fix, and as an introduction for those new to Minneapolis’ finest electronic music producer. For those who love OMEN (Almost a million plays on Spotify), GRADIENT will leave you feeling extremely satisfied, listen after listen.


As GRADIENT starts, you’re hit by the enormity of the soundscape; deep, pulsating synths and the snap, crackle and pop of well-loved vinyl. ALEPH is an artist who works with intent, allowing the spaces between the notes to breathe life into the otherworldly sounds he creates. The attention to detail in the polishing and remastering is first class, transporting you to a different plane, until thirty seconds in, the beats start to build. This is not a drop. This is a gradient. Evolution, not revolution. Blended like a fine whisky, GRADIENT is intelligent and thought-provoking; As its fleeting intricacies start to draw you in, each new bar as exciting as the last, GRADIENT is a track that would sound as incredible in the turbine hall of the Tate Modern as much as it would in the turbine hall of Berghain.

ALEPH explains:GRADIENT is the midpoint between a club track and bass music, blending experimental sounds and texture into the shape of a deep dancefloor cut, expanding something static into the unknown.”

With a follow up single planned for early July and the album SEPULCHRE due out at the end of the same month, expect great things from ALEPH in the second half of 2023 and beyond. ALEPH ‘SEPULCHRE’ Album pre-order: