A long time coming: Tchami, Marten Hørger convene for first collaboration, ‘The Calling’

Tchami and Marten Hørger have long been in each other’s orbit, and after a slew of Hørger appearances on Confession Records and 2021’s Confession vs Night Bass tour, the father of future house and Hørger are formally colliding on their first collaboration, “The Calling.” Capturing Tchami’s priestly imagery in its artwork and in the connotation of its name and lyrical hook, “The Calling” has the makings of a coveted title: song of the summer. Released via Confession Records and mtheory, the label head and Hørger’s joint effort puts piano to work in a spry house framework bubbling with energy. Sure to feel the warm embrace of the dance/electronic club and festival circuit, “The Calling” is Tchami’s debut release of 2022 and Hørger’s third output of the year.Featured image: Martin Hørger/InstagramTags: , , , ,
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