5 Must See Acts At Ultra Australia 2023

Ultra Australia is a music festival that features some of the biggest names in electronic dance music. The festival was founded in 2018 and has since become a popular destination for music lovers in Australia and beyond. The Australian leg of Ultra Music Festival features multiple stages, each showcasing different genres of electronic music, such as house, techno, trance, and more. In addition to the music, Ultra Australia also features a range of immersive experiences, including art installations, performers, and food vendors. The festival has brought together music fans from all over the world and has become a highlight of the Australian festival calendar. With the 2023 edition of Ultra Australia  fast approaching, we have shortlisted 5 acts you can’t afford to miss at his  year’s festival.

Darren Styles

Darren Styles is a DJ & producer that’s never far from the forefront of the harder styles of electronic dance music worldwide. His productions have gone from strength to strength over the years as his studio work, both solo and collaborations, continues to take the charts by storm. Darren Styles is a must-see act at any music festival because of his electrifying energy and unique musical style.

Known for blending a range of genres, including hardcore, happy hardcore, trance, and more, Styles creates a high-energy, fast-paced set that gets the crowd moving. His performances are full of surprises, with unexpected drops and twists that keep the audience on their toes. In addition to his exceptional technical skills, Darren Styles is also a master at reading the crowd and tailoring his sets to create a unique experience for each audience. His infectious enthusiasm and passion for music are contagious, making his sets an unforgettable experience that will leave fans buzzing long after the festival is over. If you have the chance to see Darren Styles perform live, don’t miss it – it’s an experience that you won’t forget.