3 to 7 Shares Their Latest Work: A Self Titled Album Of Eight Funky Tunes

Dana Parker, singer-songwriter, producer, and music engineer who stands behind the 3 to 7 project has released a brand new electro album. The LP titled 3 to 7 features eight funky and modern tunes that can fit in the taste of pop, and electro fans. 

Kicking off with a slow-paced yet complex composition titled ‘I Want Your Money,’ Dana Parker set the mood for the whole album that follows the chill and synth-inspired melodies. What makes that release more interesting are the auto-tuned vocals that wave and swing around the beat mixing with the strings. 

After the first track, comes our favorite one from the whole album: ‘Mozart Funk 3.0.’ 3 to 7 pays the tribute to the classic master but uses his strings as a base for a deep house track that gets you bouncy and all set up for a party. The groove is exaggerated by tiny rings and hooks that show up all unpredicted and inspired. 

Listed after, ‘Sucker’ and ‘Shotgun Love’ are the first tracks that incorporate real vocals. In the case of the first one, is a spoken-word, a narrative of the song which is layered crafty on electric riffs and EDM jumps. On ‘Shotgun Love,’ 3 to 7 delivers tender and smooth vocals that match the lifeful and captivating hymns, and create a love serenade. 

‘For Good Cause’ changes the narrative into a disco vibe. By adding some deep saxophone elements, and speeding up the beat, the audience is introduced to a nightlife fun tune. Once you are all set up to go out and have fun, Dana Parker brings you back and calms you down with his live piano performance titled ‘Prelude No 2.’ The song is a great, raw, acoustic composition that exposes his talent to create good music without fancy electro effects. 

Two last pieces listed on the album ‘I liked Your Friend,’ and ‘Drink Too Much’ display the craftsmanship of blending genres and end up the album with a big kick. 

‘I Liked Your Friend’ is an indie song, that we could see on an early album by Arctic Monkeys – with its rock influence and alternative mood, guitars, bass line, and drums it might not be an obvious choice to include on EDM album but, surely it’s a well-produced song with the idea and we would encourage Dana Parker to continue experimenting with indie rock. 

Last but not least, ‘Drink Too Much’ is a Daft Punk, and Justice inspirited track that will have your feet moving. Play it at the next party, it’s dope. 

Overall, Dana Parker scores high. 3 to 7 is a mature album of an artist who knows what he wants to show, and how he wants to channel his ideas. The collection is generous with included tracks, and extremely rich when it comes to used influences. As much as we enjoy it, we would love to see Dana Parker focusing on one genre, and deliver a centered around one sound album – can you imagine if he drops a rock EP with all those powerful rifles and drums? Or what would happen if he focuses on dance music and goes after that? 


For now, 3 to 7 goes 5 out of 5, so make sure to check out the album: