Xan Griffin swings heavy on new single, ‘Searching’ [Stream]

Since the beginning of his career, Xan Griffin has brought a deep mindset to his music. It’s not just about hearing with him. He wants listeners to walk away from his songs with perspective and meaning, and his latest single “Searching” is no different.

Adopting a fluid swinging beat that is all too rare in modern music (even outside of electronic), Griffin’s vocals coast along the oscillating waves of sound with ease. One thing that makes the song move so easily is the universality of the theme. Everyone feels lost at some point in their life, and Griffin captured this feeling in an effective fashion.

Griffin’s debut album, Zodiac, came out in May of 2018 and explored his interpretation of the twelve zodiac symbols. “Searching” is the second new single from Griffin in a relatively short span, so perhaps a new, longer release is on its way soon.

Photo credit: Pablo Sanchez