William Black offers up ethereal re-work of Illenium’s ‘Good Things Fall Apart’

“Good Things Fall Apart” is an ethereal, highly sentimental piece on its own. The Illenium and Jon Bellion collaboration, off the former’s latest album, showed off the producer’s penchant for a crossover record while maintaining the signature future bass sound he’s been pushing since his break. As the dust settles after the album’s release, remixes have begun surfacing—and William Black‘s take on “Good Things Fall Apart” is looking to be a standout from fan reactions.

Black honors the ethos of the original, but presents a more electronic-leaning interpretation. Percussion trills and light piano chords wrap around the euphora-inducing synths of the original, adding even more body and complexity to the finished product. These elements make a nice bed for Jon Bellion’s voice, which is edited ever-so-slightly to fit perfectly within this new structure.

Fittingly, William Black is currently touring as Illenium’s support. Check out more information here.

Photo taken from William Black’s Facebook