WHIPPED CREAM forays into hip-hop with electronic hybrid ‘I Do The Most’ [Stream]

No stranger to heavy bass stylings, WHIPPED CREAM temporarily shelves her riotous proclivities for a smoother course on “I Do The Most,” a crossover that sources vocals from Lil Keed. The languid crawl of the new cut juxtaposes with the racing paces that largely define WHIPPED CREAM’s catalog, treating streamers to an alternative sonic approach from a producer who is never shy when it comes to invoking the low-end.

Although WHIPPED CREAM keeps the fiery ascents and descents on standby on “I Do The Most,” she nevertheless wields bass as resounding support for Lil Keed’s versework. Offering a slick detion from her usual output, WHIPPED CREAM’s newest work, “I Do The Most,” manages to straddle the fence between hip-hop and electronic territory in a way that highlights a lesser seen side to her multifaceted production skills.

Featured image: HARD Summer