What So Not Explains the Delay of His Skrillex Collaboration "Goh"

As was announced last month, What So Not is dropping his long awaited debut album on March 9th. Emoh Instead revealed the tracklist the album when he announced it in January, and many fans were quick to point out that he and Skrillex would finally be releasing their collaboration “Goh.” A demo version the track was first played out as long ago as 2014, and while the chatter had definitely died down a bit due to how long ago it was first premiered, What So Not sent everyone back into a frenzy when it appeared on the album tracklist.

Recently a fan asked What So Not on Twitter why “Goh” was delayed for so long, specifically whether it was due to legal reasons. As it turns out, Skrillex’s perfectionism is to blame; the legendary producer continued to find reasons to tweak the final mix. Nonetheless, they settled on a final version, and “Goh” will finally be released on Not All the Beautiful Things. We’re only two weeks away from album release date, so stay tuned for the ficial release!