Virtual Self- Particle Arts ( 1 7 8 8 – L / F L I P )

1788-L is labeled as a synthetic automation. The mysterious producer is shrouded in secrecy, much like when Karma Fields burst on the scene. 1788-L has a fresh new Soundcloud comprised 2 fire tracks. One the tracks, Replica,inspired by Blade Runner 2049 is bananas. However, it is the flip the Porter Robinson side project Vitual Self that I want to bring to your attention.

This rendition starts f with the same piano melody and build up as the original. That would be where the similarity between the songs end. Instead the Virtual Self half step drop, 1788-L explodes into a filth-ridden drop that could only be described as if Notaker and k?d had a baby, and that baby made another baby with Porter, and then that baby got pissed f and made a drop. I am telling you this thing is a monster. It is amazing that 1788-L got out that drop into the relaxed break. After another build, just when you think you are ready the drop, it fans out to a glitchier version the first drop that will have bass heads drooling. Listen to this version the track below and be sure to put 1788-L on your musical radar.

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