TOR turns to nature with new LP, ‘Oasis Sky’

Contemplative, lucid, and organic. While these may not be the first descriptors that come to mind when pressing play on a new electronic release, TOR‘s new LP Oasis Sky leans on them to thread the sonic needle. The Canadian producer’s latest full-length should be considered a resounding success solely on the merit of its intersection of nature and multicultural influences, but it’s through TOR’s indelible ability to explore the softer side of electronica with these motifs in hand that Oasis Sky flourishes into a memorable 10-track experience. Oasis Sky manages to be more matte than glossy, but does so without ever veering into feeling dull. Instead, TOR’s latest offering is ripe with color, and at times, wonderfully uplifting. Like a cycling tide, the tracks on Oasis Sky oscillate between moments of empty desolation and utter fulfillment, encouraging their listeners to wander and appreciate the murky waters in between. Attentive ears will surely pickup on the album’s myriad of inspirations from around the globe, whether it’s the African influenced percussion or the strings that sound plucked from the far East, but it’s TOR’s production gallantry that ultimately allows such a unique collage of sound to so happily coexist. Oasis Sky is TOR’s first album in four years and is available now through his very own Eleuthera imprint. Purchase the release here and stream it in full below. Tags: , , , ,
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