Tom Savages – Real

My ears were blessed today when I stumbled across “Real” by Tom Savages. Sporting a hyphy instrumental and inspired, auto-tuned chorus, the track is a brilliant amalgamation the modern hip-hop and emo scenes. Produced by the mysterious, Rudy and with vocals from shady Detelj, we’re not sure where this group arises from. This shroud makes their piece a stark cultural artifact which the origins are seemingly unimportant.

Driving trap drums and subtle synths highlight emotional vocal interludes and an entrancing hook that promises to stick in your head all day. If that weren’t enough the track comes equipped with an f-the-all music video that perfectly captures the essence being a psychonaut in the modern age. Washed out colors and mindscapes will hypnotize your eyes. Bump this project here and stay on the lookout for Tom Savages in the future.