THRDL!FE x THANDO1988 x Anton Karskiy ft. Billy Vena — Bitter Heart

British hitmaker THRDL!FE joins forces with hotly-tipped Panamanian artist Billy Vena and up-and-coming producers Thando1988 and Anton Karskiy for a truly epic debut collaboration, “Bitter Heart.” Showing off  their musical maturity and impressive studio skills across this two-and-a-half minute cut, the three producers craft a hypnotic and energetic soundscape highlight vocalist Billy Vena’s alluring top line. This is some of the cleanest dance we’ve heard in awhile. Feel good and floaty, Billy’s smooth lyrics and a deep, emotive bass line do their work to hook you, while the lush textures evolve into an upbeat dance output that’s best in class.Categories:
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